Friday, 17 August 2012

Thank you Matt Kohr!

I have just recieved the best perspective instruction ever. I couldn't of even imagined something as great as this.

I went to CTRLPaint and purchased the two latest additions to the store: Perspective Sketching 1: The Basics & Perspective Sketching 2: Form and Design

Completing the first basic perspective instructions I attempted to paint something on my own, using a perspective grid which I created myself and it went amazingly well. I used no reference, kept everything in grayscale, loose and sketchy.

I'm going to continue studying the next chapter of the perspective sketching and I'll be sending Matt Kohr a huge thank you email for his greatness. I mean I studied other books before but never have I seen something so practical. I can really use everything he taught me, and use it well.

I highly recommend everyone visits his website and He creates many many helpful videos and is really doing something great for everyone to enjoy.

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